Wanting to have a paella catering in Sydney at your next work function or party? This Spanish dish is a fragrant delight and a crowd favourite, making it a great pick. It is also incredibly healthy – but how do you go about ordering it?

This article covers what you need to know about the process when you’re thinking of having paella catering in Sydney for your event.


Event types

Here are the functions that suit paella catering in Sydney:


Corporate events such as work dinners and Christmas parties are well suited to this cuisine. Because the dish is served in a large pan, it can provide enough food for dozens of people. Regardless of whether your event is indoors or outdoors, this is definitely an option for you.


Spice up your wedding with some tasty Spanish cuisine. The chefs cook the food fresh right in front of you and your guests so that you can savour the experience and smell it while it cooks. This is a memorable choice for wedding hosts.

Similarly, paella catering in Sydney is a great party choice because of how atmospheric it is. It is also a much healthier alternative to traditional options like takeaway pizza or burgers.


Menu options

While traditionally the dish consisted of proteins like chicken or rabbit, nowadays there are a sweeping variety of options. Here are some of the proteins you can choose from:

  • Chorizo
  • Seafood
  • Beef
  • Veggies & beans

And of course, there are mixed options, as well as vegetarian and vegan ones, too. Most paella catering in Sydney dishes will contain the following elements: rice, saffron, tomato, sofrito, capsicum, and green beans. You can always request to take something out or put something in.


Popular dish types


Seafood is a classic option, combining the delicate tastes of the seas with the hearty aromas of spices. Think calamari, prawns, white fish and mussels.


Meat lovers will go crazy for a meaty dish; combining chorizo, beef, and chicken, this is an option vegetarians will want to steer well clear of.


Instead, vegetarians might opt for a veggie-based dish that includes an abundance of vegetables and beans for a hearty, protein-rich meal.


How to order

Simply contact your paella catering in Sydney provider of choice and give them as much notice as you can regarding the date you want them to serve you. They will then give you a quote, and you will typically make a deposit. You will then generally pay the final amount before the day, once you have confirmed guest numbers.


Things to look for

When searching for a provider, there are a few factors to consider in order to select a good one.

Level of experience

You should assess how long the paella catering in Sydney business has been operating for. Whilst some newcomers might be amazing, in general the longer one has been around, the better. This is because they have more experience in cooking the food and serving people.


Quality of ingredients

The business should also ensure to use the best quality local ingredients. Skip anyone that uses frozen ingredients or ones sourced from overseas. Fresh ingredients aren’t just better for you – they taste better, too!


Customer service

Paella catering in Sydney is all about maintaining a great relationship with clients and delivering an exceptional experience to them. You shouldn’t have to deal with rude or impatient staff, or any business that has poor cleanliness.



Ratings and reviews can be useful sources of information, too. Just be cautious of some online reviews, which may be a hoax. Word-of-mouth recommendations are always the best.