Questions For Women Attending a Local Abortion Clinic in Sydney For The First Time


First time visitors booking in for an appointment at a local abortion clinic in Sydney will likely have a few questions for their doctor.

Amid the fear and anxiety that can be experienced, it is important to be educated purely on the facts of the case in order to make the best decision for the woman.

Time to outline those questions in detail, putting the medical professionals on the spot and obtaining the right type of information.


What Are My Options?

When broken down to its purest essentials, there are four key options that will be presented for a first time patient visiting a local abortion clinic in Sydney. The first is to carry the child to term as a couple with the father. In a number of cases with an unplanned pregnancy, there is not always a relationship established and this can lead to option number two: carrying the child to term as a single parent. The next approach would be to continue with the birth and offer the baby up for a local adoption service. The final is to progress with a termination if those other choices are not suitable for the woman. There will be context, medical reporting and mitigating factors that will influence the decision, but it will be the patient’s decision to make.


Is The Practice Legal?

The short answer to this question when asked at a local abortion clinic in Sydney is no, but the longer answer will make that response sound like a falsehood. On the very raw surface within state law, the practice is criminalised, operating behind Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory. Only Queensland follows this criminalization practice, but a doctor can progress with a termination so long as they have grounds on a physical, mental or social rationale. This stipulation removes any barriers when it comes to acting criminally as the process is overseen by experienced medical practitioners who know how to operate inside the bounds of state law.


Can Others Be Present For My Consultation?

It is encouraged for participants seeing a local abortion clinic in Sydney to have partners, close family members or close friends by their side. They will not necessarily be invited directly into the doctor’s office during a procedure depending on their status and the nature of the relationship, but these practitioners understand the value of having emotional support during one of the toughest moments in their life. There are occasions where underage pregnancies occur and it is fundamental to have a parent or guardian present.


How Much Do I Have To Pay?

Medicare will be able to cover some expenses when it comes to sexual and reproductive health matters, but there will be contingencies and technicalities that can confuse the issue when visiting a local abortion clinic in Sydney. Whilst it can be a private and delicate subject, it is paramount that women find out ahead of a consultation whether or not their private health insurance provider can assist with any financial measures. A medical termination in NSW is currently listed at approximately $350 whilst a surgical procedure is listed at $440 within the first trimester. South Australia and the Northern Territory have decriminalised the practice to offer free services, but not within the remit of Sydney.


How Safe Are The Procedures?

There have been a miniscule amount of complications ever recorded for women who visit a local abortion clinic in Sydney to carry out a termination or procedure, whether that is via a medical or surgical option. The greatest frustration in this domain has been involved with the cost and access in some parts of the city, but never has safety or health been left in any sort of doubt. Only in very rare circumstances for underage pregnancies or pregnancies into the third trimester (28 weeks plus) are there any potential risks to the wellbeing of the mother.