The CONAMA Resolution 237 of 1997 defines what activities are required to have an environmental license.

In Annex 1 of the resolution, it is determined that any undertaking that carries out the activities listed below must have an environmental license. The events are:

  • Treatment and disposal of industrial waste (liquid and solid).
  • Treatment/disposal of particular waste such as agrochemicals and their used packaging and health service, among others.
  • Treatment and disposal of urban solid waste, including those from septic tanks.
  • Transport of dangerous goods – which includes transport of hazardous waste.

Environmental licensing will be required for the transportation of waste covered by Resolution 5232 of December 14, 2016, of the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT). This resolution is considered to be one of the most important about the transportation of hazardous waste. Resolution 5232 replaces Resolution ANTT 420/2004.