The IBAMA is responsible for the licensing of transport and wastes treatment companies whose service is held in more than one state and those whose environmental impacts extend beyond the territorial limits, or outside the country

If the company only performs the service within the State itself, it is up to the environmental agency of that State to license the activities located within its regional boundaries.

Main Documents Required in Environmental Licensing

The main documents required to acquire the license are:

Memorial descriptive of the industrial process of the company;

Application Form completed and signed by the legal representative;

Copy of the CPF and Identity of the legal representative who signs the application;

Copies of CPFs and Records in the Class Councils of the professionals responsible for the project, construction, and operation of the enterprise;

Copies of the CPF and Identity of the person in charge of the contact between the company and the environmental body;

Copies of the Power of Attorney, the CPF and the identity of the attorney-in-fact, if any;

Copy of the Minutes of the election of the last board of directors, when it is a corporation, or registered social contract when it is a company by quotas of limited liability;

Copy of CNPJ – National Registry of Legal Entities;

Copies of the property record of the property or certificate of ownership or assignment of use;

Copy of the Certificate of the Municipality indicating that the framework of the enterprise complies with the Municipal Zoning Law;

Copy of previous Environmental License if any;

Collection Guide (GR) of License cost;

Location of the development;

Sketch or hydraulic plant, pipelines are leading to industrial dumping, sanitary sewage, cooling water, rainwater, etc.