Adding property value can arrive in many different forms, but installing fake grass for Sydney lawns remains one of the most tangible solutions.

Once written off as a strange exercise reserved for guarded communities, this installations have become more widespread and popular given their unique selling points.


Looks Great All Season Round

Whatever the season, whatever the month, whatever the week or the time of day, fake grass for Sydney lawns continues to produce a first-class presentation. These installations might have some reservations in some quarters about the quality of the material and whether or not they can be detected as fake, but they continue to flourish and provide a key point of difference when it comes to the aesthetics. While natural turf suffers from the onset of severe drought conditions, these sections give homeowners the chance to cherish a yard that looks unimpeachable and is safe to use for all parties.


Safe Surface With No Toxic Pesticides Applied

Mums and dads who want to combat the dangerous insects and pests festering around their yard will obviously have to consider the use of pesticides and toxic sprays to combat the problem. The issue for many of these families is applying these brands to an open and exposed environment with young children and pets in close proximity. Such a concern is removed from the equation when fake grass for Sydney lawns is installed on site. The location suddenly offers a safe surface that is devoid of any toxic chemicals, sprays and pesticides.


Lower Home Water Usage

With water restrictions being rolled out across the city and the state of NSW, fake grass for Sydney lawns ensures that homeowners don’t need to be conditioning their turf with water. Not only is this beneficial for the lower utility bills that will be arriving, but it will be key for the environment and ensure that there is lower strain placed on those nearby water reserves that are running low. To be a conscious homeowner in the city, the inclusion of fake grass offers a tangible solution.


Leaving The Mower In The Shed

Adding value can come in many forms, but when it comes to installing fake grass for Sydney lawns, leaving the mower inside the shed remains one of the major selling points. From the push and ride-on models respectively, this is a process that will save on fuel and oil costs to maintenance and repair concerns that accumulate a lot of time and energy over the spring and summer seasons. If enough coverage of artificial turf has been installed on a small property, these brands can be sold off through a private sale, putting more money in the pockets of constituents.


Versatile Fake Grass Selections

fake grass

Homeowners would be mistaken if they saw fake grass for Sydney lawns as a one-size-fits-all solution that is homogeneous from one provider to the next. While there are popular models and brands that are better applied for certain property profiles, it is entirely the discretion of the customer to determine what selection of fake grass will be suitable for their needs. This can be showcased through a range of polypropylene, nylon and polyethylene brands that will vary in cost, colour scheme, texture and ease of installation. That level of versatility can be embraced from a small courtyard to a large backyard or domains where there is a higher or lower volume of foot traffic.


The amount of money that is saved, hours that are recouped and energy not exerted on looking after natural turf makes fake grass for Sydney lawns a quality investment for constituents. This is a process that adds value from top to bottom, providing a clean surface that is attractive for the residents, looks a pretty picture for guests, entices the neighbours to make a similar decision and appeals for real estate agents and conveyancers if a location is suddenly put on the open market.